We are committed to making the Gearhead Outfitters and Rock/Creek experiences memorable. Loyalty to your neighborhood shops shouldn’t come at a cost and we’re proud to offer price matching – we’re calling it our "Fair Price Promise.” We promise to welcome any fair price matches you find at our competitors. Get the exact product you want and feel confident knowing that you got the best deal out there. You have a lot of choices when choosing where to shop and we want to thank you for supporting us.

Program Details

The item must be identical (same brand, size, color, season, quantity, style or model number, etc.) from another authorized dealer. The price must be visible on a website, mailing or other promotion. Please note that we will not go below 50% off retail.
The item must be in-stock and available at another authorized dealer within the United States at the time of request. We will not offer rain checks for items not currently in stock.
We do not accept price matches for items that are used, damaged or refurbished.
We do not accept price matches from individuals selling new or unused items from websites such as
ebay or craigslist.
We do not accept price matches on items from third party sellers or third party promo code
websites that are not approved by Gearhead Outfitters or Rock/Creek.
We do not price match with other promotions such as a coupon, promo code or rewards.
Additional promotions and discounts cannot be applied to price matched items.
Please note that we will account for shipping costs on other websites if below free shipping
Other exclusions may apply. Gearhead Outfitters and Rock/Creek have the right to update or modify the terms of this policy at any time.